Fun and quirky mini dance films from the mall to the moon and back.

If you’re new to dance films or just want a fun, snappy ride, start here! These eighteen films pack a big punch in just under an hour, taking you from the mall to the moon and back again (yup, there’s one in a plane too!). Whether they’re on roller skates or in cowboy boots, these dancers are sure to make you smile.

Program Info

Runtime: 59 minutes

October 15 - October 24

Venue: Streaming on Marquee TV

$8.99 / $45 (shorts pass) / $50 (festival pass)

Program Films

Variations on The Table

Variations on The Table
The dancers of The Balé Teatro Guaíra (Guaíra Theater Ballet, Brazil) share their morning coffee ritual, while socially distanced in this video collage
Eunice Oliveira
Paula Sousa


Slip by Kurt Csolak Dance film at SFDFF 2021
Slip examines the sensation of dislocation that so many of us experienced during the pandemic and the process of overcoming those feelings while continuing to do the things that make us happy and whole
Kurt Csolak
Kurt Csolak, John Manzari

Your Coffee, Please

Still from Your Coffee, Please by Irina Kononova dance film at SFDFF 2021
A deep dive into the dark crevices of the imagination
Irina Kononova
Irina Kononova


Brother the Brilliance by Nate Riedel Dance film at SFDFF 2021
A heartfelt reminder that our differences are far less significant than all of the many qualities we have in common
Nate Riedel
Bethia DeLong

Mad Smooth

Mad Smooth by Bea Cartwright Dance film at SFDFF 2021
Inspired by real events, this short dance film depicts a group of roller-skaters as they take to the floors of an empty shopping complex
Bea Cartwright
Lorraine Roberts

Smokestack Lightning

Smokestack Lightening by Charissa Kroeger, Eric Schloesser Dance Film at SFDFF 2021
Smokestack Lightning chronicles the adventure of two dancers as they navigate their shared dreamscape, devoid of time and relieved of convention.
Charissa Kroeger, Eric Schloesser
Charissa Kroeger, Eric Schloesser


Inner by Funda Erzade Dance film at SFDFF 2021
Inner showcases two dancers in dialogue with their contrasting environment while exploring new methods of expression.
Funda Erzade
Lateef Williams, Nancy Osbaldeston

Le Voyage Dans La Lune

Le Voyage Dans la Dance film at SFDFF 2021
Through the magic of green screen and over 25 pounds of flour, Le Voyage Dans La Lune transports its viewers to another world entirely.
Rotem Tsulker
Korin Mandelson-Partovi


Sunday by Ani Taj Dance Film at SFDFF 2021
Sunday navigates the edges between anxiety and exultation in an empty amphitheater in the Lower East Side of New York City
Ani Taj
Ani Taj

The Seaweed Sisters: Rather Important

The Seaweed Sisters Rather Important dance film at SFDFF 2021
While delivering self-important monologues the comedic trio The Seaweed Sisters poke fun at the tragedy of an over inflated ego run rampant
Mimi Cave
Megan Lawson, Jillian Meyers, Dana Wilson

I Had a Ball

I Had a Ball by John Huba Dance film at SFDFF 2021
Originally conceived for stage, I Had A Ball translates with great charm to its newfound setting. An homage to both musicals and the athleticism of dance and tennis alike, this short dance film is brimming with energy.
John Huba
Danielle Diniz

Color My Movement

Still from Color My Movement by Sam Roden dance film at SFDFF 2021
Featuring Jermaine Browne, Color My Movement highlights Browne’s thoughtful performance set against a background that shifts in scale and color, externalizing the constant flux of mood and sentiment we all experience within a day.
Sam Roden
Jermaine Browne


TANG'O Dance Film at SFDFF 2021
Tang’O offers an innovative take on underwater videography. In order to complete filming, the dancer and cameraman free dived 120 times
Bastien Soleil
Ariadna Hafez


Ooo (Dance film-SFDFF-2021)
Ooo is a sneak peek into one overworked office worker's rejection of the mundane drudgery of her day-to-day as she celebrates her inner spark for movement and play
Lauren Midwinter
Sophia Melvin

Bad Hombre

Bad Hombre by Martin Lombard, Facundo Lombard Dance film at SFDFF 2021
The celebrated duo, the Lombard Twins, perform in a high octane fusion of rock music and tap
Martin Lombard, Facundo Lombard
Martin Lombard, Facundo Lombard


Duel by Alfonso Sales Dance film at SFDFF 2021
A bounty hunter finally finds his target and attempts to capture his bounty Wild West style in this playful homage to old Hollywood Westerns.
Alfonso Sales
Juan Diego Villarosa, Juan Gabriel Villarosa


Interlude by Béatriz Mediavilla Dance film at SFDFF 2021
Interlude takes an unusually reverential look at the highly choreographic ritual of the “security measure” presentation everyone who has ever flown on a commercial airline has experienced
Béatriz Mediavilla
Béatriz Mediavilla

Exploring The Rise of Afro Dances in Ame...

Still from Exploring the Rise of Afro Dances in America by Angel Kaba at SFDFF 2021
Exploring The Rise of Afro Dances in America depicts a variety of social dances from the African and Afro-Caribbean diaspora
Angel Kaba
Angel Kaba, Jocelyn Gutierrez, Courtney Sauls, Mickey Sakai, Nkumu Katalay, Eto'o Tsana, Esther Grant Walker
Folk / World