Stars of the ballet world take to the screen with daring new contemporary work.

See how stars of the ballet and contemporary dance worlds translate their talents to the screen in these nine international shorts, many of them made during the pandemic lockdown of theaters. Featuring local and international luminaries including Maria Kochetkova, Babatunji Johnson, and Daniil Simkin, these films push dance in bold new directions.

Co-Presenter: Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Program Info

Runtime: 68 minutes

October 15 - October 24

Venue: Streaming on Marquee TV

$8.99 / $45 (shorts pass) / $50 (festival pass)

Program Films

Lying Together

Lying Together
Lying Together is a collaboration between Hong Kong Ballet and Corey Baker Dance. This colorful romp makes use of the city of Hong Kong as an ever intriguing and vital landscape.
Corey Baker
Corey Baker


Film still from "Elsewhere" dance film by Whim W'Him at SFDFF 2021
Elsewhere is a meditation in movement on the surreal and its proximity to the mundane.
Madison Olandt and Mike Tyus
Madison Olandt & Mike Tyus

Evidence of it All

Meredith Webster in "Evidence" dance film by Drew Jacoby at SFDFF 2021
Choreographer Drew Jacoby (Nederlands Dans Theater, Royal Ballet of Flanders) directs her first short film for SFDanceworks
Drew Jacoby
Drew Jacoby

Pointe A2B

Film still from "Pointe A2B" by Max Sachar at SFDFF 2021
Pointe A2B is a short dance film produced by Ballet22, and aims to push the boundaries of conventional classical ballet by featuring a male-male pas de deux en pointe
Natasha Adorlee, Max Sachar
Ben Needham-Wood


Film still from "2020" dance film with Diana Vishneva at SFDFF 2021
The video project 2020 is an attempt to understand and feel what is happening in 2020 through the art forms of dance and video.
Katya Telegina
Pavel Glukhov


Film still from "Diorama" dance film with Maria Kochetkova Daniil Simkin at SFDFF 2021
Dance film starring the renowned Maria Kochetkova and Daniil Simkin
Sebastian Kloborg
Sebastian Kloborg

St. Annie

One Found Sound Ivan Trevino - Song Book, Vol. 3, St. Annie, Spring Fling 2021
Dancer Babatunji Johnson and filmmaker Max Savage combine forces along with One Found Sound's live performance of Ivan Trevino’s original composition
Max Savage
Babatunji Johnson

Between the Lines

Film still from "Between the Lines" dance film with Stephanie Kim at SFDFF 2021
Between The Lines reveals a woman in isolation as she navigates her internal barriers while searching for an exit.
Jen Guy Metcalf
Jen Guy Metcalf


Scottish Ballet dancers in Sophie Laplanes Dive at SFDFF 2021. Photo: Andy Ross
Dance film with the world’s most famous shade of blue
Oscar Sansom
Sophie Laplane