2020 Audience Favorites

SFDFF’s 2020 reel features twelve short dance films from five countries in just under one hour.

Enjoy romps through the Parisian cityscape and festive Argentinian tango gatherings alongside resilient originals made under COVID constraints. From the screen to the stage and everywhere in between, join us and celebrate how dance will always be a force for connection and empowerment, no matter the circumstances.

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Program Films

Quiet Hearts
“While we loved each other we didn’t need words to make ourselves understood.” – Albert Camus, The Plague
Joe Mischo
Raymond Ejiofar, Stephanie Kim
(2020) 4:20

Quiet Hearts

In the future, there are no men left on earth, only maintenance programmed robots. Every night, at nightfall, the robot Mikki projects onto the stage of the Opera Garnier mysterious pictures of a dancer, as a last memory of mankind.
Ugo Bienvenu & Felix de Givry
Fabrice Bougeois, Amandine Albisson
(France, 2018) 9:09


Thao Nguyen performs “Phenom” from home while a rotating supporting cast performs choreographed routines in personal Zoom windows.
Erin S. Murray and Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux
Erin S. Murray
(United States, 2020) 0:02:51

Phenom – Thao and the Get Down Stay Down…

This work represents the importance of supporting each other in life and knowing that we are not alone.
Alonso Segura Mora, Felipe Ramírez Cover
Eduardo Zumbado
(Costa Rica, 2018) 2:50


Dear Black Girls poster SFDFF Co-Laboratory film
A new dance film will bring together the collaboration of choreographers Isha Clarke (Youth vs Apocalypse) and Shayla Avery (Youth Protect the Bay) and film director Yoram Savion (YAK Films)
Yoram Savion
Isha Clarke, Shayla Avery
(United States, 2020) 9:00

Co-Lab Film–Dear Black Girls

Am I Paris
A film about acceptance and reflection.
Redha Medjellekh
Brice Larrieu aka SKORPION DANCER
(France, 2018) 2:08

Am I Paris

Being captures the restorative power that draws the dancer to the dance. Away from a life of sidewalks and cellphones, where beauty is unnoticed, time stops so it may start again. The dance restores the self, and the senses reconnect with the world, like a flower bouncing back from destruction.
Pablo Destito and Agustina Videla
Agustina Videla
(Argentina, 2020) 0:07:14


A heart-warming, compelling, relatable tale of a young couple in lockdown. As time passes living on top of each other, they cast technology aside and find each other again.
Ellen Hathaway, Joseph Delaney
Ellen Hathaway, Joseph Delaney
(United Kingdom, 2020) 3:40


During a time of isolation and restraint, the need for human connection has only grown stronger. Technology can only bring us so close, but nothing can compare to physical touch.
Benjamin Freemantle
Jaime Garcia Castilla, James Gilmer
(United States,2020) 0:05:07


A concrete skate park under grey skies. Enter BUNNY.
James Copeman
Sophia Melvin
(United Kingdom, 2019) 1:59


Waters into Wilderness
A short dance film looking at the impact of community space when its not filled with the community. Featuring LED, choreographed by Lauren Edson, Danced by Brett Perry, and music by Andrew Stensaas.
Quinn Wharton
Lauren Edson
(United States, 2020) 0:4:42

Waters Into Wilderness

Under the Waterfall
This video clip shows an explosive passion between two lovers, punctuated by an elegant and contemporary choreography in the streets of Paris.
Sebastien Caudron
Olivier Casamayou, Carine Charaire
(France, 2020) 2:58

Under the Waterfall – The Avener

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