With her steady gaze, expressive mannerisms, and slippery, juddering movements, she is a force to be reckoned with. She struggles to speak, her voice stilted as she is made to…

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In the aftermath of destruction, a lone dancer mourns in the water, processing grief, rage, confusion, and loss with visceral, articulate full-bodied trance. The power of nature looms large over…

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futile-gestures-Yolanda Tianyi, Shao Aaron Holmes


Entangled in conflict and unease, the tense, undulating movements of two dancers are sketched in charcoal by 100 artists over 30 minutes to create graphic animation that draws attention to…

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Bull Rider-Alexia Oldini, Steven Gray

Bull Rider

Mitchell bucks gracefully through the air in slow motion as Graham muses on the depth of the dancer’s heart and soul, together expressing through words and movement the dancer’s many…

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