Encore Shorts: Aloft

https://vimeo.com/906021690/3eed0a2957 "Aloft" is a collaboration between producer/director Kate Duhamel, choreographer Yuri Zhukov, and Golden Gate 3D to create an original 3D dance video. Dancers Garen Scribner, Lonnie Weeks, Sean Bennett,…

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Then Comes The Body, Jacob Krupnick

Then Comes The Body

Training on the dusty urban streets of Lagos, self-taught dancer and teacher Daniel Ajala’s passion drives his students to persevere as underdogs in the ballet world and find joy and…

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What Next?

From the sprawling, ornate opera house to the streets of Paris and dreamlike visions, he dances through the struggles and triumphs of his past and begins to imagine his future.…

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