SFDFF Encore Shorts still from True Sound Facade

Encore Shorts: True Sound Facade

By combining live-action and animation, the film becomes a celebration of how our inner and outer lives merge with each other playfully in the act

Moses Supposes, Caleb Teicher

Moses Supposes

A diverse cast of New York City dancers reimagines tap in the city with this updated take on “Moses Supposes” from Singin’ in the Rain.

X.Y., Xidan Zhang, Jingrong Li


The letters “X” and “Y” can represent two dimensions in space, two axes in management control, or two chromosomes that determine gender. Here, in this

Say We, Matthieu Belin

Say We

Say We shares an artistic perspective on the transformative time we are all experiencing due to coronavirus. Music and dance are full of emotional sensations.

Cuckoo Song, James Copeman

Cuckoo Song

“Cuckoo Song” is a joyous, hypnotic dance experience that celebrates Mother Nature’s natural cycle and seasonal routine. Within a quiet, quintessentially English pasture, under great

Barre Fight, Anjali Tewani

Barre Fight!

An action-packed, animated short film with a sense of humor. Two rival ballerinas let their moves do the talking.


This short film from Ana Contreras and Keely Song fuses contemporary dance with animation, all set to a beautiful cover of “Pure Imagination” by Flannel

Music For Waxing, Giulia-Giannola

Music for Waxing

Femininity, beauty, and sweetness are interpreted with a little irony. Dancers perform their beauty rituals by waxing to the rhythm of tango. The tango that