Film still from Momentum

Encore Shorts: Momentum

Bonus Film: Disco Director: Boris Seewald Choreographer: Simone Schmidt, Althea Corlett Animation: Miwha Seewald, Boris Seewald, Mina Seewald Music: Ralf Hildenbeutel (Germany, 2016) 2:09 This

SFDFF 2024 Encore Shorts Home Alone film Adi Halfin

Encore Shorts: Home Alone

Created in 2013, Home Alone is a mesmerizing short film that promoted an evening-length performance of the same title. The piece invites the viewers into

SFDFF 2024 Encore Shorts Aloft

Encore Shorts: Aloft

“Aloft” is a collaboration between producer/director Kate Duhamel, choreographer Yuri Zhukov, and Golden Gate 3D to create an original 3D dance video. Dancers Garen Scribner,

SFDFF 2023 Streaming Dancing The Archive

Dancing the Archive – Streaming

Throughout history, dance has been archived with the use of the most advanced technologies available, be it through notation or recording technology. These records contain

SFDFF 2023 Streaming Raising Voices

Raising Voices – Streaming

SFDFF’s 5th annual Raising Voices shorts program spotlights the work of traditionally under-represented artists and amplifies their powerful messages of social justice and belonging. Experience

Whats Bred In The Blood and Bone Robin M Gee dance film SFDFF 2023

What’s Bred in the Blood and Bone

The film delves into the layered truths of embodied history to fill the gaps left by loss and erasure. Three dancers’ sweeping, introspective movements interlock

Verano Amoroso-Andrea Rodriguez

Verano Amoroso

Their affection and chemistry deepen as they dance closer and closer through the vibrant summer streets. A love letter to the Mission District and its