The Noise My Leaves Make-Tia Monique Uzor

The Noise My Leaves Make

Three dark-skinned Black British women utilize their Africanist and contemporary dance vocabulary to engage with the Leicestershire countryside, a space that has typically been denied

ThickSkin-Laura Steiner

Thick Skin

From crowded street scenes and empty corners of the city, the dancers’ watchful, defensive posture helps ward off the chaos. Balancing hard and soft qualities

Then Comes The Body, Jacob Krupnick

Then Comes The Body

Training on the dusty urban streets of Lagos, self-taught dancer and teacher Daniel Ajala’s passion drives his students to persevere as underdogs in the ballet

The Long Walk-Sue Healey

The Long Walk

Devised as a live performance and film-making event, a mutually responsive collage of movement, music, and arresting visuals tells their story of grit, tenacity, and

The Awakening-Ryan Uzilevsky-

The Awakening

Fantastic figures, landscapes, and cityscapes arise and dissolve in a vibrant orgy of creation and destruction. The film uses metaphor and movement to illustrate how

SFDFF 2023 Streaming Telephone


Created specifically with a visually impaired audience in mind, the film brings awareness to the important art form of audio description for dance while facilitating

Soi-Nicole von Arx


They climb and pace with tension and purpose, trusting their release to one another. Through moody solos, dynamic pairings, and intertwining undulations, the dancers find

Say I am You-Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

say i am you

This film produced by Post:ballet explores themes of impermanence, multiplicity, and identity as sculptural postures, stilted gestures, and flowing sequences echo and unfurl through expressive