Soi-Nicole von Arx


They climb and pace with tension and purpose, trusting their release to one another. Through moody solos, dynamic pairings, and intertwining undulations, the dancers find

Say I am You-Moscelyne ParkeHarrison

say i am you

This film produced by Post:ballet explores themes of impermanence, multiplicity, and identity as sculptural postures, stilted gestures, and flowing sequences echo and unfurl through expressive

Saudade, Sandra Cristina Pires Lopes, Sandra Ramy Equis, Alfonso Valdes, Inti Herrera


Visual art and performance merge to express the grounding presence of the earth and its capacity to help us understand our shared humanity across distances.

Return In The Wind-Changhui Xie

Return in the Wind

She floats through glowing shapes in a black void and treads the crests of sand dunes under a panoramic sky, all the while meditating on

Saint Leroi-Maurya Kerr

Saint Leroi

The film navigates themes of racism, nationalism, enslavement, and stereotypes in popular culture and media to seek redemption through the entanglements of anguish, vengeance, and

Parque SFDFF Screenscapes Touring Reel


Natural phenomena collide with modern technology as their quest is shaped by a graphic gestural language that spins them through altered perspectives and ever-shifting dimensions,

Pióra–Jay Gearing


Alone, they express their private desires to themselves, then come together to dance through forest, field, and sand in vulnerable tactile encounters, stirred by the

Oiche by David Anthony Curley dance film SFDFF 2023


The film begins with the protagonist’s birth in the old world and follows him on a voyage of self-discovery. As he works through the manifestations