Inspired by the life of Bessie M. Lee (1894 – 1955), who, after migrating to New York City, spent two years in indentured servitude, Light is a film in which dance, memory, music and poetry collide in a visual and aural landscape; a meditation on women being propelled into the unknown by courage and faith to risk their lives and everything they have for freedom.

Saturday, October 21 | 1:30 pm

Silent Cinema: Brava Theater Studio, Mezzanine
2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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Light, San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2017
United States | 2017 | 57 min | Director: Tatsu Aoki
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Additional Credits

Lead Dancers Marina Fukushima, Yukihiko Noda, Wei-Shan Lai, Lynn Huang, Yi-Ting Hsu, Chin-Chin Hsu, Juliet Ante, Olivia Ting, Sebastian Grubb, Kara Davis | Producer Lenora Lee | Production Company Lenora Lee Productions, LLC, Innocent Eyes and Lenses Films, and Asian Improv aRts powered by Asian Improv Nation | Composer Francis Wong & Tatsu Aoki | Poetry & Voiceover Genny Lim | Cinematography Tatsu Aoki, Zhuoyun Chen, Joshua Chuck, Ben Estabrook, Eric Koziol, Heath Orchard, Joel Wanek


San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Without Reason, Mohammed Khansa, Emma Humphris Without Reason (Bala Sabab)

(France, 2015) 10:44
Director: Emma Humphris
Choreographer: Mohammed Khansa, Emma Humphris
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A Lebanese inmate travels through his memory from his cell, repeating the steps and actions that led to this detention; a tragic and lonely dance that will transform his identity and his life forever.