The Man Behind The Throne + STAND

Meet a choreographer unknown to most people, whose work is seen by millions. Hollywood choreographer Vincent Paterson created defining moves for stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna, but has remained off the public radar — by choice. With “STAND,” a documentary profiling a dance crew taking a stand against the poverty and crime plaguing South Los Angeles.

SFDFF is thrilled to announce that Vincent Paterson and director Kersti Grunditz will be in attendance for the screening and participating in a discussion with guest moderator Chris Metzler of SF IndieFest immediately following the film. Additional guest filmmakers include Joanna Nordahl (P*Fect- The Perfect Defect) and Melanie D’Andrea (STAND) with LA-based Krumpers Krucial and Fudd.

Saturday, November 8, 2014 | 7:30 pm

Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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Vincent Paterson, The Man Behind The Throne, 2014 San Francisco Dance Film Festival

The Man Behind The Throne

(Sweden/USA, 2013) 58 min
Director: Kersti Grunditz | Choreographer: Vincent Paterson

Co-presented by SF IndieFest

Vincent Paterson is the Hollywood choreographer who created defining moves for stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna. We follow a year in his life; In sweaty rehearsals for the Cirque du Soleil show Viva Elvis!, we see the tough work ethics, humor and artistic integrity that has shaped his career. He shares his private life among friends and family. Clips from his previous work, his own rehearsal footage and witty journals shape the story of an unusual artist in the commercial world.

Read an interview with Vincent Paterson

MusicKeyMusic is the key

(Germany, 2013) 2:18
Director: Igor Krasik
Choreographer: Salah Benlemqawanssa

Director Igor Krasik combines music, urban dance and motion graphics to create a stunning abstract composition as he explores the idea of composing “Visual Music.”

StandSTAND *

(USA, 2013) 21:09
Director: Melanie D’Andrea
View Film

Through Krump, one dance crew takes a stand against the poverty and crime plaguing South Los Angeles.

PerfectP*Fect – The Perfect Defect

(Sweden, 2013) 6:30
Director: Joanna Nordahl
Choreographer: P*Fect Dance Company
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Swedish Voguing /Waacking company P*Fect explores the definition of perfection as a collaborative team of dancers and filmmakers aim to put a spotlight on breaking prejudices and dissolving gender stereotypes.

* Student Film

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