BOXBLUR Performance & Screening

Ana Teresa Fernández, BOXBLUR 2022

Thursday, August 25, 2022


BOXBLUR 2022 in collaboration with SFDFF presents an original commissioned score by composer and double-bassist Shinji Eshima that will be performed live at Catharine Clark Gallery followed by a selection of film shorts. The musicians are Amos Yang (Cello), Sam Schlosser (trombone), and Charles Chandler (bass). The score was developed in response to Ana Teresa Fernández and Arleene Correa Valencia’s exhibits at the gallery. Their artwork contends with issues of migration, borders, bodies, and family separation. Eshima’s moving and dynamic score includes his debut experience working with a tango rhythm, inspired by Fernández’s own use of tango as a tool in her work.

Responding to the score and the artists’ works, BOXBLUR has also commissioned original choreography and a performance by dancers Adji Cissoko and Michael Montgomery. Surrounded by Fernández and Valencia’s works, the dancers will respond in person to the works of Eshima, Fernández, and Correa Valencia, keeping the artists’ conceptual and formal approaches in mind.

The evening concludes with a selection of five films selected by SFDFF.