Krump Comprehensive Workshop

Krump Comprehensive Workshop at ODC, 2014 San Francisco Dance Film Festival

Saturday, November 8th 4:00-5:30pm at ODC. More Info>>

“Fudd” and “Krucial”, two of the leading Krumpers in LA, the root city of KRUMP, will teach a comprehensive workshop that breaks down the 4 basics as well as “labbing” (development of movements building upon each other), character development (harsh, feminine, etc.), and the incorporation of other dance styles. After a performance by Fudd and Krucial, there will be a short discussion about the historic and dance roots of KRUMP. These roots demonstrate the creation of KRUMP’s well-known cathartic release, called “The Get Off”.

Following class, students can join the Krumpers on a walk through the Mission to enjoy the screening of their film STAND at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival at the Brava Theater Center at 7:30pm.