Learn to Shoot Dance Film

SFDFF Presents: Summer 2015 Filmmaking Workshop
photo: Elena Zhukova, dancers: Michael Montgomery and Laura O’Malley

SFDFF presents a two-day screendance production workshop taught by local dance filmmaker Ben Estabrook. This workshop will guide students, through a hands-on approach, to investigate two different approaches to shooting dance film: structured vs. improvised. The workshop culminates with a film shoot that will give students the opportunity to apply both a structured and improvised methodology to shooting a set piece of choreography.

The students will prepare for the shoot by analyzing some of the field’s best works that exemplify either approach. They will also learn the different tools that a director has at her or his disposal to manipulate the camera such as a dolly and jib, affordable alternatives to the Steadicam, and new technologies that allow for dramatic aerial shots. Learn More>>

August 22 & 23 | 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Z-Lab in Zellerbach Hall Room 170, UC Berkeley Department of TDPS
Price: $250 General / $175 Students