SFDFF Co-Presents Mud Water

SFDFF Co-Presents Mud Water at SFFILM

2022 SFfilm Festival Mud Water still SFDFF

Legend and reality mingle across the Bay Area landscape, as a young turf dancer searches for his shadow. The myth exerts an ever deepening hold, even as a battle with a rival dance crew approaches and his friends need him to compete. Mud Water blends folklore, naturalism, and dance in a story of friendship tested and studded through with ethereal turf performances, a dance style originated in Oakland.

Mud Water
Director: My-Linh Le
(United States, 2021) 31 minutes


Fri, Apr 29, 2022 @ 5:45 PM
Roxie Theater

Short Film 1: Listen to the Beat of Our Images
Short Film 2: The Door of Return
Mid-Length Film: Mud Water