SFDFF Co-Presents LYRA

Post ballet dance artists in Lyra still shot by cinematographer Benjamin Tarquin
Post:ballet and The Living Earth Show and SFDFF co-present Lyra, a contemporary exploration of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth featuring an original score by Samuel Adams, choreography by Vanessa Thiessen, and cinematography/editing by Benjamin Tarquin.
Co-directed by Robin Dekkers with Thiessen and Tarquin, Lyra is a 55-minute film that follows the Post:ballet dance artists along their journey through the arid landscapes of California. Together with Dekkers, Thiessen, and Tarquin, the 11-dancer cast spent three weeks camping together to create this epic collaboration featuring costume design by Christian Squires and makeup design by Mia J. Chong.

Sat, Sept 17, 2022 @ 9:30 PM
Roxie Theater

Director: Robin Dekkers, Vanessa Thiessen, Benjamin Tarquin
(United States, 2022) 55 min