Spirit Labour Screening at CCG

Catharine Clark Gallery / BOXBLUR and SFDFF present a Dance performance by Emma Lanier and Cauveri complimented by the screening of Hugo Glendinning and Adrian Heathfield’s Spirit Labour featuring Anna Halprin

The evening will feature Audio Textural Bodies, a dance by Emma Lanier and Cauveri Suresh in conversation with LigoranoReese’s compositions for music boxes in the series “Listening to the Material” that are featured in the exhibition, Open Field. Lanier and Suresh’s dancework is accompanied by an original score, Tone Grove, by Phyllis Chen and LigoranoReese.

Following the performance, LigoranoReese will give a live music box demonstration. The suite of music boxes transposes Anni Albers’s print and textile compositions onto punch cards. The cards are played as music scrolls which the artists feed through custom music boxes. The boxes are fabricated in collaboration with woodworker Seth Janofsky. The punch cards reference the history of the mechanical jacquard loom as well as technologies of data visualization.

The performance will be complemented by the SFDFF’s presentation of Hugo Glendinning and Adrian Heathfield’s Spirit Labour (2016), a visual essay that follows the creative practice of sculptor and performance artist Janine Antoni through her collaborations and conversations with the late choreographer Anna Halprin (1920-2021) and the writer Hélène Cixous.

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Sat, August 21, 2021 and Thurs, August 26, 2021 at 8pm

Catharine Clark Gallery and BOXBLUR
248 Utah Street
San Francisco, CA 94103