The Dancer to appear at NYC MoMA’s film series

SFDFF Board Member and subject of the 1994 classic film “The Dancer,” Katja Björner will appear at New York MoMA’s film series honoring filmmaker Donya Feuer March 4 -8.

When SFDFF discovered that “The Dancer” was never released in San Francisco, it premiered the film last July — 21 years after its 1994 opening in Stockholm, Berlin and New York. Katja presented the film and participated in a post screening conversation that was illuminating to both dance aficionados and to a new generation of dance students who were thrilled to meet “The Dancer”. Read More>>

SFDFF, Katja Björner, The Dancer to appear at NYC MoMA's film series


For NY friends who are interested in attending MoMA’s film series, CLICK HERE

And for SFDFF fans, who may have missed our special screening, the recorded conversation with Katja Björner, SFB dancer, Max Cauthorn and moderator Claire Sheridan will soon be on our website.