Screendance Matinee

A densely layered and subtly nuanced collection of work for those interested in delving deeper into this rich, experimental genre.

Followed by a discussion with filmmakers. Moderated by Ellen Bromberg, University of Utah Department of Modern Dance, and Diane Frank, Stanford University Dance Division.

Saturday, November 8, 2014 | 3:00 pm

Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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amauros_still2Amauros (3)

(Switzerland, 2014) 2:08
Director: Nicole Seiler
Choreographer: Nicole Seiler

Audio description makes films accessible to visually impaired audiences by describing the visual elements of the work. By removing the visual elements of film, one can conjure an imaginary dance.

3Glace crevasse et dérive

(Canada, 2013) 9:42
Directors: Albert Girard, Chantal Caron
Choreographer: Chantal Caron
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This film is a metaphorical piece about death and the perpetual cycle of life. Set along the shores of the St. Lawrence River, the drifting blocks of ice caught in the river’s current represent the flow of time.

JuiceBoxAfternoonA Juice Box Afternoon

(USA, 2014) 7:29
Director: Lily Baldwin
Choreographer: Lily Baldwin
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Fall into the exhilarating story of Anne Morrow Lindbergh told through her own writing as she comes of age, meets Charles Lindbergh, and experiences flight in more ways than one.

BriefCandleBrief Candle

(Canada, 2013) 6:17
Director: Duncan McDowall
Choreographer: Duncan McDowall

Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Christina’s World’ is put into motion, and explores how bio-electricity galvanizes into discovering muscular intelligence.

alterego_posterframe2Alter Ego

(USA, 2014) 5:51
Director: RJ Muna
Choreographers: Katherine Helen Fisher, Natalie Lomont

A film based on the lifelong experience of two women from birth to death.


(USA, 2013) 6:03
Director: Paul Sarvis
Choreographer: Paul Sarvis
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A solo in a bare room conjures another presence—real, imagined, or remembered. Images of family, shelter, entrapment, youth and age collide and fold into one another.

MartialityNotFightingMartiality, Not Fighting

(China, 2012) 10:30
Directors: Marianne Kim, Cheng-Chieh Yu
Choreographer: Cheng-Chieh Yu
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Shot in Guangzhou, China, “Martiality, Not Fighting” follows a young dancer performing the role of conscientious objector. He moves through the pedestrian and the abstract to deliberate the question “to fight or not to fight.”

BigWideBig Wide

(UK, 2010-2013) 3:57
Director: Wilkie Branson
Choreographer: Wilkie Branson
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Nestled between the security of home and the unknown of a wider world a young man and his guardian exchange a dialogue of movement, as he longs to venture into the unknown. Drawn to leave this place of sanctity but yearning to stay.


(Germany, 2013) 1:46
Director: Boris Seewald

Three performances are brought together as one conducts the movement of the other two.


(UK, 2014) 4:14
Directors: Del Mak, Patrick Ryder
Choreographer: Del Mak

Ever wanted to do something different? When life becomes a routine, step out of the ordinary and follow your dreams. “Shift” follows a white-collar worker who escapes the confines of his working environment, exploring & dancing freely through the outside world.

La-basLà-bas, le lointain

(Canada, 2012) 15:50
Director: Alan Lake
Choreographer: Alan Lake
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Exploring issues of life, death and the ephemeral, “Là-bas, le lointain” examines the fleeting traces we leave behind.

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