SFDFF On The Road

Screenscapes 2023 (SS23)

Dive deeper into screendance with these eight international dance works for camera that expertly craft multidimensional artistic works to tell urgent stories. Themes of migration and displacement, ritual and transformative self-discovery together emphasize the triumphant power of the individual spirit and the need for community.

To request the rental of this Touring Reel Program, please send an email to linda@dancefilmsf.org.

The Program:

Beyond The Off Screen Axel Robin dance film SFDFF 2023
In a cheeky take on the behind-the-scenes genre, “Beyond the Off-Screen” is a film within a film that uses dance to celebrate the quotidian actions of filmmaking.
Axel Robin
Laurence Wells
(Canada, 2022) 9:37 minutes

Beyond the Off-Screen

“Topia” investigates the complexity of emotional response and conditioning by exploring core emotions of rage, fear, and love and mining the myriad manifestations of darkness–numbness, dissociation, depression, and mania.
Jessie Lee Thorne, Justin Thorne
Jessie Lee Thorne
(United States, 2022) 15:37 minutes


Aura-Cheng long Tang
In “Aura,” two dancers in a black void move through tensely precise configurations around a table to a spare, percussive score that drives them into a frenzied trance.
Chenglong Tang
Chenglong Tang
(China, 2023) 9:49 minutes


The Noise My Leaves Make-Tia Monique Uzor
“The Noise my Leaves Make” is a contemporary dance film that explores Black womanhood and the rural environment in England.
Tia-Monique Uzor
Tia-Monique Uzor
(United Kingdom, 2022) 6:56 minutes

The Noise My Leaves Make

Is There A Balm In Gilead-Luca Tuffarelli, Justine -Doswell
Set in the landscapes of western Ireland, "Is There Balm in Gilead?" takes inspiration from ethno-cultural myths and writings centered on the raven.
Luca Truffarelli, Justine Doswell
Justine Doswell
(Ireland, 2022) 6:47 minutes

Is There Balm in Gilead?

ThickSkin-Laura Steiner
“Thick Skin” is a stylized meditation on bustling urban life in the Colombian capital city of Bogotá.
Laura Steiner
(Colombia, 2023) 2:51 minutes

Thick Skin

Bull Rider-Alexia Oldini, Steven Gray
“Bull Rider” merges meditations on dance from choreographer Martha Graham with music by composer Philip Glass and video featuring professional bull rider and modern dancer Ouncie Mitchell at the 2022 Oakley Rodeo in Oakley, UT.
Alexia Oldini, Steven Gray
Ouncie Mitchell
(United States, 2022) 1:54 minutes

Bull Rider

Parque SFDFF Screenscapes Touring Reel
Two bodies encounter dreamlike visions of fantastic figures and sacred imagery in “Park,” dancing through a labyrinthine passage into the next age.
Iván Asnicar, Ailén Cafiso
Ailén Cafiso
(Argentina, 2022) 6:24 minutes