In Search of Lost Time

In this collection of personal narratives, filmmakers explore the ephemeral nature of memory, finding the quiet spaces between life’s pivotal events.

Friday, October 20, 7:30 PM & Saturday, October 21, 4:30 PM

Silent Cinema: Brava Theater Studio, Mezzanine
2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, And So Do I, Jana Younes, In Search of Lost Time And So Do I

(Lebanon, 2016) 13:00
Director: Jana G. Younes
Choreographer: Jens Bjerregaard
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A man lost his wife while she was giving birth to his little girl. The trauma, even after 10 years, still causes him hallucinations. In his own bubble, he imagines his wife is still with him.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Oonagh Kearney, The Wake, In Search of Lost Time The Wake

(Ireland, 2015) 19:20
Director: Oonagh Kearney
Choreographer: Cindy Cummings
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Drama Queen. Diva. Looking for attention. In Ireland, we silence women in the courts, silence women in the health-care system, silence women in the church, silence women on the national stage… but this silencing also happens at home, in the house, in the body.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Jamais Vu, Kim Modeun Jamais Vu

(Republic of Korea, 2017) 7:30
Director: Kim Modeun
Choreographer: Kim Modeun
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Short film depicting the never-ending journey of life and the liminal space experienced in the intervals between life and death.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Steadfast, Regina Hofmanova Steadfast

(Czech Republic, 2014) 9:04
Director: Regina Hofmanova
Choreographer: Regina Hofmanova
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Based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen, Steadfast is a stylized take on themes of solitude and isolation.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, W I L D, Director: Adrien Ouaki W I L D

(France, 2017) 13:22
Director: Adrien Ouaki
Choreographer: Adrien Ouaki
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During questioning a man tells us his story and the events that brought him here.

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