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PROGRAM 8: Breaking Boundaries (BB15)

Selections from our 2015 festival features original, and entirely new takes on the art of dance on film. Perfect for a cultured audience seeking ideas, dialogue-starters, inspiration, and unexpected approaches to the once familiar, with a dash of avant-garde.

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San Francisco Dance Film, Escualo, Director/Choreographer: Martin & Facundo LombardEscualo

(USA, 2014) 3:57
Director: Martin & Facundo Lombard
Choreographer: Martin & Facundo Lombard

A powerfully rhythmic new piece from the acclaimed Lombard twins, set to music by Astor Piazzolla.

San Francisco Dance Film, Inheritor Recordings, Director: Brian Johnson & Lisa Gelley, Choreographer: Josh MartinInheritor Recordings

(Canada, 2014) 6:20
Director: Brian Johnson & Lisa Gelley
Choreographer: Josh Martin
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Inheritor Recordings is a reimagined adaptation of an excerpt from 605’s original stage work, and warps time and place to augment and expand 605’s raw physicality. A quiet uprising of a new generation.

San Francisco Dance Film, Pas, Director: Frédérique Cournoyer-Lessard, Choreographer: Stéphanie ThellenPas

(Canada, 2015) 14:40
Director: Frédérique Cournoyer-Lessard
Choreographer: Stéphanie Thellen
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Through her life, Rose has followed her passion for dance by using it as a singular method of communication essential to connecting with her surroundings.

San Francisco Dance Film, Snap Into It, Director: Devin Jamieson & Jillian Meyers, Choreographer: Jillian MeyersSnap Into It

(USA, 2014) 3:57
Director: Devin Jamieson & Jillian Meyers
Choreographer: Jillian Meyers

A gleeful digression from anticipated outcome, in favor of savoring the pursuit of whim // Following a renegade train of thought with dimension, texture, and amplitude // A staccato attempt to trace the digressions from an iconic Langston Hughes poem.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Co-Laboratory, Director: Mark Kohr Choreographer: Christopher StowellMad Scene 2.0

(USA, 2015) 4:40
Director: Mark Kohr
Choreographer: Christopher Stowell

A Silicon Valley office is the setting for a twenty-first century mad scene.

SFDFFContinuum *

(France, 2014) 9:15
Director: Natalianne Boucher
Choreographer: Stéphane Fratti
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A choreographic film mixing dance and animation. Our perception of time and its connection with space is explored in movement through the symbolic depiction of sand’s matter.

San Francisco Dance Film, Lost in Motion II, Ben Shirinian, Choreographer: Guillaume CôtéLost in Motion II

(Canada, 2013) 4:34
Director: Ben Shirinian
Choreographer: Guillaume Côté

Featuring National Ballet of Canada Principal Dancer Heather Ogden, the film combines original choreography, stylized art direction and seamless VFX to visually interpret the experience of an artist baring her soul on stage.

San Francisco Dance Film, Uath Lochans, Director: Simon Fildes & Katrina McPherson, Choreographer: Marc BrewUath Lochans

(UK, 2015) 6:30
Director: Simon Fildes & Katrina McPherson
Choreographer: Marc Brew
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A physical response to place by choreographer Marc Brew.

AM/FM Co-Laboratory, 2014 San Francisco Dance Film Festival


(USA, 2014) 4:22
Director: Morgan Wise
Choreographer: Robert Moses

A romantic afternoon car ride turns into a surprising physical contest when a young couple has to choose between two competing radio stations.

San Francisco Dance Film, Lay Me Low, Director: Marlene Millar, Choreographer: Sandy SilvaLay Me Low

(Canada, 2015) 7:50
Director: Marlene Millar
Choreographer: Sandy Silva
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Performed by ten dancers, musicians and singers, Lay Me Low cuts right to the heart to communicate a universal feeling of loss while evoking a paradoxical sense of intimacy.

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