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PROGRAM 8: Globetrotting Favorites (GF14)

International Shorts Highlights: Selected from our 2013 and 2014 Fall Festivals, this reel of international screendance shorts is sure to inspire and engage your audience as it did ours. This is compilation is accessible to a diverse audience — from those new to dance, to sophisticated aficionado.

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GlobeTrotGlobe Trot

(USA+ 25 countries, 2013) 4:35
Director: Mitchell Rose
Choreographer: Bebe Miller
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An international crowd-sourced dance-film project, as 54 filmmakers on all seven continents each shoot one second of dance by choreographer Bebe Miller.

HomeAloneHome Alone

(Israel, 2013) 2:00
Director: Adi Halfin
Choreographer: improvised
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Featuring the Bat Sheva Dance Company ensemble, this short film imparts an atmosphere of “parental absence” as the dancers make creative use of the space — an abandoned building — combining planned and improvised choreography.

174_Outside In (c) Photo- Petrus Sjövik, Starring- Tove SkeidsvollOutside In

(SWEDEN, 2011) 10min
Director: Tove Skeidsvoll, Petrus Sjövik, Tyrandora
Choreography: Tove Skeidsvoll
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Cecilia dances inside a forest. She moves in front of a film crew who direct her movements. When the camera gets too close to Cecilia she decides to go her own way.

BalletSpiralBallet Spiral

(Belgium, 2013) 3:17
Director: Sam Asaert

Stop and pause for a moment. Behold and reflect upon the static beauty dying movements leave in their wake.
Experience the worlds of dance as never before.

RulesoftheGameRules of the Game

(Canada and USA, 2014) 8:25
Directors: Jeff Kuperman, Rick Kuperman
Choreographers: Jeff Kuperman, Rick Kuperman
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Trust dissolves between four factory workers under the unremitting surveillance of the management.

From the Beginning

(USA, 2013) 5:10
Director: Chris Mason Johnson
Choreographer: KT Nelson

In the bucolic redwood forests of the Djerassi Foundation, this team of artists created an innovative short that uses dance as story and also documents the process of making movement.

AM/FM Co-Laboratory, 2014 San Francisco Dance Film FestivalAM/FM

(USA, 2014) 4:22
Director: Morgan Wise
Choreographer: Robert Moses

A romantic afternoon car ride turns into a surprising physical contest when a young couple has to choose between two competing radio stations.

201_Well-Contested-Sites-c-Maria-Healey.jpgWell Contested Sites

(UK, 2012) 13min
Director: Amie Dowling, Austin Forbord
Choreography: Amie Dowling, Natalie Greene
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Drawing upon formerly incarcerated men’s experiences and physical memories, Well Contested Sites explores the idea that a prisoner’s body is a contested site.

166_Momentum (c) Aline ReinsbachMomentum

(GERMANY, 2012) 7min
Director: Boris Seewald
Choreography: Boris Seewald
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For some it is just an ordinary party snack, but for Patrick, a tortilla chip started a moment of self-discovery. With exuberant dancing and magical passion he shares his inspiration and invites every one to participate.

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