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PROGRAM 6: Local Shorts (LS16)

Selected from our 2016 Fall Festival, this collection of screen dance shorts was made by or features SF Bay Area artists, and is accessible for any audience.

Local Shorts (LS16), In the Coutenance of KingsIn the Countenance of Kings

(USA, 2016) 3:17
Director: Ezra Hurwitz
Choreographer: Justin Peck
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An original short-film adaptation of Justin Peck’s ballet, In the Countenance of Kings. Filmed on location in the old 16th Street Train Station in Oakland with music by Sufjan Stevens.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival On-the-Road, Local Shorts (LS16), ShiftShift

(USA, 2015) 11:00
Director: Rachael Lincoln and Amelia Rudolph
Choreographer: Amelia Rudolph
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Bay Area vertical dance company BANDALOOP journeys across the Sierras using climbing technology to access back-country sites including a 2,900-foot dance wall. BANDALOOP challenges the boundaries of site-specific performance, re-imagining what dance can be and where it can take place.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films On-the-Road, Local Shorts (LS16), Inheriting a LegacyInheriting a Legacy (Herencia de un Pueblo)

(Peru, 2016) 12:02
Director: Carmen Roman
Choreographer: Carmen Roman
Set in the vibrant Peruvian town of El Carmen, this film highlights the people, town, and dance legacy of African descendants in Peru.

SFDFF, 2016 Co-Laboratory, Films + Local Shorts, Joe Stillwater, Nicole KlaymoonThe Wind Telephone

(USA, 2016) 6:20
Director: Joe Stillwater
Choreographer: Nicole Klaymoon

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2016, Dancing DayDancing Day

(USA, 2016) 3:53
Director: Tytus Bergstrom
Choreographer: Tytus Bergstrom
Fantasy about playing hooky from work and the surprise events that follow when leaving the house.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2016, Separate SentencesSeparate Sentences

(USA, 2016) 15:00
Director: Austin Forbord, Amie Dowling
Choreographer: Amie Dowling, Natalie Greene
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Dance/theater film that addresses the cycle of incarceration in families by drawing upon individual experiences and physical memories of a cast of formerly incarcerated men and their sons.

Just So (USA, 2016) 8:00 Director: Ben Estabrook & Amy Seiwert Choreographer: Amy SeiwertJust So

(USA, 2016) 8:00
Director: Ben Estabrook & Amy Seiwert
Choreographer: Amy Seiwert
A morality play exploring anticipation and the ’70s. 

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