International Shorts II: Female Filmmakers


The festival’s first full program dedicated to the work of female filmmakers features diverse short pieces ranging from humorous to political, from softly contemplative to highly athletic, enlivened by vibrant musical scores.

Co-presented by The Hivery

Saturday, October 21 | 6:00 pm

Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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International Shorts II: Female Filmmakers, San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Ceiling, Katherine Helen Fisher Ceiling

(United States, 2016) 3:53
Director: Katherine Helen Fisher
Choreographer: Katherine Helen Fisher

Ceiling focuses on a dancer’s repetitive leap as a physical allegory for striving. Shot in the Angeles Forest on the Phantom Camera, the film weaves gender and landscape into the body’s potential for movement in the tradition of Eadweard Muybridge.

International Shorts II: Female Filmmakers, San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Women's Christmas Night, Director: Oonagh Kearney Ireland Women’s Christmas Night

(Ireland, 2016) 5:30
Director: Oonagh Kearney
Choreographer: Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy

A highly visual and feminist response to Séan Ó’Riordáin’s famous Irish language poem.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Haud Close Tae Me, Eve McConnachie Haud Close Tae Me

(United Kingdom, 2017) 4:27
Director: Eve McConnachie
Choreographer: Christopher Hampson
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A short duet between a professional ballerina and a 65-year-old dancer examining the connection between our younger and older selves. The film is inspired by a specially commissioned poem by Scotland’s Makar Jackie Kay, who narrates the poem in Scots-English.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Ghost Story, Sarah Elgart Ghost Story

(United States, 2017) 7:33
Director: Sarah Elgart
Choreographer: Sarah Elgart & the Dancers
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Four dancers search for a narrative as they prowl Bjarke Ingels’ monumental Manhattan skyscraper VIA 57 West, with a mysterious red figure often seen following in their wake.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, We, Director: Lulu Meng We

(United States, 2017) 2:00
Director: LuLu Meng

A short film in which drawing and rapid body movement illustrate the strokes of the letters, w and e, we deals with the coexistence of conflicting matters, rationality/emotion, discipline/ignorance, singularity/harmony.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, To the Ends of the Fingertips Director: Roswitha Chesher To the Ends of the Fingertips

(United Kingdom, 2016) 3:11
Director: Roswitha Chesher
Choreographer: Sophie Arstall, Elizabeth Barker
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Slipping through the fingers of time, we follow a search for freedom and fulfilment in this visually rich and surreal tale. A Big Dance & Channel 4 commission.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, The Big Sofa, Deborah Tiso The Big Sofa

(United Kingdom, 2016) 3:00
Director: Deborah Tiso
Choreographer: Deborah Tiso

A bizarre tale surrounding an extended family that are awoken suddenly by the earsplitting sound track of the film they are watching together, late in to the night.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Solar Duplex, Victoria Marks Solar Duplex

(United States, 2016) 10:00
Director: Victoria Marks, Jingqiu Guan
Choreographer: Victoria Marks

A dance for a man and a woman, who are never fully together, but never apart. Bound in time and in parallel play.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Evann Siebens, The Indexical Dance-a-Thon The Indexical Dance-a-Thon!

(Canada, 2016) 4:15
Director: Evann Siebens
Choreographer: Cora Bos-Krose, Justine A. Chambers, Kevin Cregan, Jane Ellison, James Gnam, Amy Raymond
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Shot in seminal dance environments Ballett Frankfurt in Germany and The Western Front in Canada, the film mixes professional and amateur dancers, probing their gaze and the search for the sublime through simple improvisational gestures.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Wake, Director: Katherine Macnaughton Wake

(Canada, 2016) 6:05
Director: Katherine Macnaughton
Choreographer: Ashley Werhun
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A reflection on the isolation that technology can create, Wake is an invitation to reconnect and rebuild our relationships with the people and elements around us.

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2017, Wendy Seyb, How You Look At It How You Look At It

(United States, 2015) 8:30
Director: Wendy Seyb
Choreographer: Wendy Seyb
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A story about how love at first sight changes a man’s perspective of the world around him. With a little help from his inner theme songs, his environment comes together to support his quest to be with his new sighted love…or at least, say hello.