The Vault: Bay Area Legends

San Francisco Dance Film Festival honors four Bay Area choreographers – Ellen Bromberg, Joe Goode, Margaret Jenkins, and Brenda Way – and the filmmakers with whom they created historic dance films for national public television in 1989 and 1991. Join us on Thursday, June 6, at Delancey St. Theater for a true “time capsule from the past” screening as we flashback to a time of Standard Definition, 4:3 screen formats, and 1” reel-to-reel videotape.

In 1989, the PBS series “Alive From Off Center” made an unprecedented pitch to KQED TV to produce collaborative dance pieces representing the best dance in San Francisco. The result was three films produced for KQED by Linda Schaller: “Shorebirds Atlantic”, “The Black Dress”, and “29 Effeminate Gestures”. The fourth film on our program, “Loose the Thread”, came two years later as part of a full-length program celebrating ODC/Dance’s 20th anniversary. The success and longevity of these films are a testament to the quality of the Bay Area choreographers, dancers, and production teams involved that were tasked with reinterpreting the avant-garde dance works for television.

The Vault: Bay Area Legends pays tribute to the creators of these works with a theatrical, archival screening followed by a conversation with the choreographers. Please join us as we raise a glass to our amazing local dance artists and filmmakers. They are still making history!

The films screened are used by permission of Twin Cities Public Television and KQED, Inc.

Program Info

Runtime: 60 minutes

Thursday, June 6 @ 7:30pm

Venue: Delancey St. Theater

Suggested Donation: $25

Includes a 60 min. screening, Q&A, and reception

Program Films

Shorebirds Atlantic
Two strangers meet on the Atlantic City strand.
Gino Tanasescu
Margaret Jenkins
(United States, 1989) 8:03

Shorebirds Atlantic

The Black Dress
Six dancers break out of stereotypes of the 50s and 60s in this reflection on uniformity and feminine liberation.
Gino Tanasescu
Ellen Bromberg
(United States, 1989) 7:40

The Black Dress

29 Effeminate Gestures
A meditation on gender and identity.
Tim Boxell
Joe Goode
(United States, 1989) 8:00

29 Effeminate Gestures

Loose the Thread
Set in early 20th century London, "Loose the Thread" examines Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group.
Wendy Blair Slick
Brenda Way
(United States, 1991) 13:11

Loose The Thread