Opening Night 2014: International Shorts

Celebrate with us as we welcome international filmmakers to San Francisco for the opening of our 5th anniversary season with some of our top selections of 2014. Followed by Q & A and reception.

Co-presented by San Francisco Ballet

Thursday, November 6 | 7:00 pm

Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
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Single Ticket: $20 (Students: $17, ID required)

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GlobeTrotGlobe Trot

(USA+ 23 countries, 2013) 4:35
Director: Mitchell Rose
Choreographer: Bebe Miller
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An international crowd-sourced dance-film project, as 54 filmmakers on all seven continents each shoot two seconds of dance by choreographer Bebe Miller.

HomeAloneHome Alone

(Israel, 2013) 2:00
Director: Adi Halfin
Choreographer: improvised

Featuring the Bat Sheva Dance Company ensemble, this short film imparts an atmosphere of “parental absence” as the dancers make creative use of the space – an abandoned building — combining planned and improvised choreography.

SilentPlacesSilent Places

(Romania, 2013) 12:00
Director: Simona Deaconescu
Choreographer: Simona Deaconescu
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Five strangers are gathered in an unwelcoming space, fighting together for a way out, tired by their confused thoughts, trying to regain strength over their altered bodies. The camera bursts into the heart of the dance whilst the music copes with the cruelty and the fever of everyday warfare.

MeME – Story of a

(Finland, Japan, Estonia, 2013) 7:30
Director: Jopsu Ramu
Choreographer: Johanna Nuutinen
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Choreographer/dancer Johanna Nuutinen performs a solo piece, which is photographed from different points of view and set to a haunting original score.

OffGroundOff Ground

(The Netherlands, 2013) 12:30
Director: Boudewijn Koole
Choreographer: Jakop Ahlbom

A dance film about a boy who says farewell to his mother.

AloneintheTheaterAlone? in the theatre!

(Germany, 2013) 2:55
Director: Max Zachrisson
Choreographer: Max Zachrisson

A man finds himself alone in the Staatstheater Nürnberg, his lonely experience becoming a joyful one.

sinceyouwent_rawdance_image2since you went

(USA, 2013) 3:38
Directors: Ryan T. Smith, Wendy Rein, Lindsay Gauthier
Choreographers: Ryan T. Smith, Wendy Rein

Part dance film and part music video, “since you went” follows the story of a couple where the passing of time and the history of a relationship are measured in cups of coffee.

VanishingPointsVanishing Points

(Canada, 2014) 8:41
Director: Marites Carino
Choreographer: Tentacle Tribe
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Like two molecules unknowingly affecting one another in space, conceptual hip-hop dancers collide and share fleeting moments of intimate synchronicity on the streets of Montreal. Sucked into a choreographic time warp, viewers slowly realize things are not always as they seem.

BalletSpiralBallet Spiral

(Belgium, 2013) 3:17
Director: Sam Asaert

Stop and pause for a moment. Behold and reflect upon the static beauty that dying movements leave in their wake.
Experience the worlds of dance as never before.


(USA, 2014) 2:40
Directors: Andrea Lerner, Rosane Chamecki
Choreographer: chameckilerner

In their new video “Samba,” the Brazilians Rosane Chamecki and Andrea Lerner filmed a single samba dancer in extreme slow motion. What you see will change forever the way you perceive the body and its motion.

RulesoftheGameRules of the Game

(Canada and USA, 2014) 8:25
Directors: Jeff Kuperman, Rick Kuperman
Choreographers: Jeff Kuperman, Rick Kuperman
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Trust dissolves between four factory workers under the unremitting surveillance of the management.

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