Hustle Masterclass with Abdiel

Hustle Masterclass Abdiel, photo credit: Lia Clay Miller

Learn to do the Hustle in an inclusive, gender-neutral masterclass. You'll learn to lead AND follow, regardless of traditional gender roles.

For Beginners: Playful Exploration | 1– 2:30pm
Joyfully explore improvisational elements for solo and partner moves. The gender-neutral class will allow everyone to learn and experience both leading AND following while partner dancing.

For Intermediate Dancers: Role Swapping | 3– 4:30pm
In this class, we will learn methods of role swapping. It is recommended that each dancer has a basic ability to lead and to follow but it is not required. This class is especially useful for Salsa dancers who want to expand their skills and exposure to another dance style.

$35 per session ($30 early-bird before April 24) | $60 for both sessions


Program Info

Saturday, May 13
Venue: LINES Dance Center
26 7th Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
Genre: Hustle