Bay Area Showcase

SFDFF continues its tradition of supporting local artists with this spring showcase of dance, film, and community.

Bay Area artists explore dance on camera with nine films from new filmmakers and veterans alike. From digitally generated dancers to a diverse array of live humans, see how individual voices and movement styles translate to the screen in this mixed collection of narrative and experimental shorts.


Program Info

Runtime: 70 Minutes

Saturday, May 13 @ 7:30pm

Venue: Delancey Theater

$20 General Admission

Program Films

SFDFF Spring Festival 2023 Shelf Life
Inspired by the whimsical fruit and vegetable portraits of Arcimboldo, Shelf Life is a magical look at what might be dancing in the corners of our homes.
Peter Litwinowicz
Dancers from Amy Seiwert's Imagery
(United States, 2023) 3:51 min

Shelf Life

TONARI by Ben Tarquin SFDFF Spring 2023
A cross cultural, cross generational, storytelling experience connecting Tokyo and San Francisco through contemporary dance, film, and jazz
Ben Tarquin
Sophia Noel
(Japan, United States, 2023) 16:38 min


Push is an expression of how music consumes and drives our inner creative being
Kristin Damrow
Kristin Damrow, Macio Payomo
(United States, 2021) 4:57 min


Morning Dance Michael Saul SFDFF 2023
Morning Dance is a re-imagining of the 1985 film of the same name in memory of its composer Steven M. Miller.
Michael J Saul
Katie Marshall
(United States, 2022) 11:00 min

Morning Dance (2022)

The Sower Sriba Kwadjovie Quintana SFDFF 2023
Our connection to the land and earth in the midst of radical environmental change
Sriba Kwadjovie Quintana
Sriba Kwadjovie Quintana
(United States, 2021) 3:38 min

The Sower

Secret Xin Liu SFDFF 2023
Charlie struggles with a secret she's been keeping from her best friend, leading to a major impasse in their relationship.
Xin Liu
Johan Casal, Marley Carter
(United States, 2022) 17:40 min

The Secret

Moth by Kate Weare SFDFF Spring 2023
Moth explores female desire in a darkened space of imagination using a single light source: a lantern.
Kate Weare, Jack Flame Sorokin
Kate Weare
(United States, 2023) 5:28 min


Drowning in Demons Sarina Osaba SFDFF 2023
An acceptance of help and the beginning of healing
Sarina Martinez de Osaba
Sarina Martinez de Osaba
(United States, 2022) 4:21 min

Drowning in Demons

Detour-UpOnHigh-Robbie Sweeny Eric Garcia
Build your altar, light a candle, grab a fistful of glitter, and call upon your higher self.
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia in collaboration with the artists
(United States, 2022) 2:30 min

The Nelken Line