Cosmogony: Live Digital Performance

SFDFF presents Cosmogony live digital performance

Experience a live digital performance featuring three dancers who are motion captured at Cie Gilles Jobin studio in Geneva

Created by Geneva-based digital contemporary dance company Cie Gilles Jobin, Cosmogony is a live digital performance in real time featuring three dancers motion captured live from Geneva and screened in real time remotely. The movements of the dancers are captured in Geneva, sliced up into digital ‘bits’ and sent instantaneously through the cyberspace to appear as avatars, on screen and in real time for a live audience, thousands of miles away from the company’s studio.

Throughout the 30-minute experience, the dancers will be revealed in human form on-screen intermittently to give audiences a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the setting.

Program includes live Q&A with Gilles Jobin and dancers, moderated by Weidong Yang & Daiane Lopes da Silva

7:00 pm | Cocktail Reception, gallery viewing of Jen Bervin: Source

7:45 pm | Film Selections from San Francisco Dance Film Festival

8:30 pm | Performance of Cosmogony live from Geneva

9:00 pm | Artist Talkback


STAVROPOL, Andrew Margetson
A short dance film featuring a choreographed 'battle' between two teams of female dancers.
Andrew Margetson
Irina Kononova
(United Kingdom, 2022) 4:14 minutes


X.Y., Xidan Zhang, Jingrong Li
Featuring the talents of two, twin dancers, this film offers a unique perspective on spiritual wilderness.
Xidan Zhang, Jingrong Li
Xing Zhu, Yue Zhu
(China, 2019) 4:27 minutes


Eleven Degrees Of Freedom, Jonathan Bachrach
A unique fusion of robotics and choreography resulting in surprising grace.
Jonathan Bachrach
Jonathan Bachrach
(United States, 2022) 3:16 minutes

Eleven Degrees of Freedom

San Francisco Dance Film Festival Films 2016, Disco
A handmade dance video of 1,250 paintings on paper.
Boris Seewald
Simone Schmidt, Althea Corlett
(Germany, 2016) 2:09


Still from "I Just Wanna Dance" by Amanda Beane, Abdiel Jacobsen and Shay Dixon dance film at SFDFF 2021
I Just Wanna Dance showcases the vitality and innovation of dancers from both the New York City and Los Angeles hustle scene.
Amanda Beane
Abdiel Jacobsen and Shay Dixon
(USA, 2021) 5:00 min

I Just Wanna Dance

Been Lovin' You, Robin Dekkers, Benjamin Tarquin
A joyful ode to the San Francisco Bay Area!
Robin Dekkers, Benjamin Tarquin, Benjamin Freemantle
Robin Dekkers
(United States, 2022) 4:37 minutes

Been Lovin’ You

Program Info

Friday, May 12 @ 7pm
Venue: Catharine Clark Gallery
$25 / $40
Director: Gilles Jobin
Choreographer: Cie Gilles Jobin
Genre: Contemporary, Art/Experimental