2013 Winners

Best Film Award ($5,000)
Best Documentary


The Six Seasons © Gilles DelmasThe Six Seasons

(FRANCE, 2012) 51min
Director: Gilles Delmas
Choreographer: Akram Khan

The Six Seasons successfully integrates the dance and narrative content highlighting personal, cultural geographical and artistic worlds. The use of original music and digital effects completes the vision. View Trailer

Best Student Film Award ($2,000)
Best Category C2 — Screendance Films Up To 15 Minutes


Momentum © Aline ReinsbachMomentum

(GERMANY, 2012) 7min
Director: Boris Seewald
Choreography: Boris Seewald

Inventive, original, honest, and witty, Momentum has great energy and refreshes the genre with youthful vigor. Seewald demonstrates a confident use of the film medium to convey the power and depth of the dance experience. View Film

Best Category A — Live Performance Relay


C(H)OEURS © Javier del RealC(H)OEURS

(GERMANY/SPAIN, 2012) 100min
Director: Andreas Morell
Choreographer: Alain Platel

C(h)oeurs recreates the qualities of the live performance, capturing the essence of the theatrical experience. Through all levels of production, the film demonstrates unflinching commitment to the integrity of the work.

Best Category B — Camera Rework


How Like An Angel © Danny HigginsHow Like An Angel

(UK/AUSTRALIA, 2012) 47min
Director: Robert Hollingworth, Yaron Lifschitz, Circa

How Like An Angel is an inspired and original work that combines movement, light, camera and location to create a poetic and powerful vision. It is a mature work that creates a lasting resonance.

Best Category C1 — Screendance Films Up To 5 Minutes


Written in the Margins © RJ MunaWritten in the Margins

(USA, 2012) 4min
Director: RJ Muna
Choreography: Wendy Rein, Ryan T. Smith

Written In The Margins is a minimalist work that is choreographed in the editing room as much as in the studio. It is concise, sophisticated and well crafted.

Best Category C3 — Screendance Films Longer Than 15 Minutes



(AUSTRIA/SLOVAKIA, 2010) 19min
Director: Peter Bebjak
Choreography: Yuri Korec, Helene Weinzierl

Cinematic in its vision, Voices tells a difficult story through the body, which is minutely choreographed in a confined space. The director draws sensitive screen performances from the dancers, which lead the viewers into their internal world.

Jury members

Jury members: (left to right: Lynette Kessler, William Trevitt, Muriel Maffre, Michael Nunn, Ellen Bromberg). Photo by Michelle Iki
Jury members: (left to right: Lynette Kessler, William Trevitt, Muriel Maffre, Michael Nunn, Ellen Bromberg). Photo by Michelle Iki

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